Sunday, 18 January 2015

Art Journalling

I've recently gotten into art journalling, and I've found it to be really fun, relaxing and cathartic. I've been using these prompts from Daisy Yellow to get me started. I've also done a few of her ideas for improving line work, which I can't find the link for right now but it's on that site somewhere. There are heaps of other sites that give prompts and ideas as well.

My thought is that I might post some of the art journal pages up. This is not because I think they're good, but to show that you can have a tonne of fun being creative even when you are not good at art! It is my hope that I will gradually improve but I'm not being too worried about it, I just want to have fun and let my creativity out.

Up to now I've considered myself a writer - which I still do - but I'm really enjoying keeping a journal that is not JUST words, but all mediums of creativity. There's so much more scope to express myself, or just mess around and doodle when I'm feeling too brain dead to think of coherent words. I've also just got some cheap materials to start off with - I think I will gradually start to invest in better art stuff (mainly I just want the excuse to buy them :D ) but you can use any and every material that you have in your house. No need to go out and spend a fortune.

So without further ado, here is my response to prompt number 9: games

Both of these are inspired by chess and chrononauts (a game I recommend highly). I did two because I didn't like the way the swirl worked out on the top one (the first one I did). You can see on the second one I didn't try for such an intense swirl, which made it so the checkboard pattern was preserved through the warp. However in the end I like the first one better because of the colours. I think I will keep trying to get a chessboard swirl that looks realistic and good... it might take a long time though!

In conclusion, try art journalling - it's awesome! And as you can see, you don't have to have it all together as an artist to have fun with it.

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